Trnovo will once again turn into an artistic promenade over the last weekend of August this year. Visitors can enjoy a versatile programme with numerous genres at improvised settings and stands every day between 6 and 9 in the evening. The basis of our programme remains the same: a selected programme of plays, creative workshops and interactive games for all ages. Join us again at creative workshops and plays, both for children and, in the evenings, adults. We pay special attention to the mini-forms of “small size” performances and border performances that already have their home in the Hiša otrok in umetnosti (House of Children and Arts): fairy tales, traditional Japanese theater Kamishibai, puppet shows for adults, street theater and creative creative work in the open. Among foreign guests Austria will be in focus this year. In the last two seasons, we have already been acquainted with Hungarian and Italian theater. Artists from 7 countries will perform 18 different theater events in three days.

This year’s Emona Promenade will be held in two parts – between 23 and 25 August, the promenade part will take place at the courtyard of CSK France Prešeren (Karunova 14, Ljubljana),  where you can join us for plays and workshops. Afterwards, the festival Stories Undre the Bridge will follow between 27th and 29th August.


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